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Grange Calveley is a British writer and artist who is best known as the creator of the BBC’s animated television series Roobarb and SkylArk.

He also wrote and provided the character drawings for the revival series Roobarb and Custard Too.

The Roobarb cartoon is loosely based on Grange’s own dog, a Welsh Border Collie. Custard, Grange tells us, was drawn after the huge cat who lived next door. The BBC, who sold the Roobarb programs to more than 40 countries, also commissioned the original television series.

In Grange Calveley’s book, ROOBARB An illuminated biogwoofy we discover how the real dog would leap up into the fork of a tree and how the dog’s antics became part of the TV cartoon’s opening title.

Grange Calveley’s One to five books, for children aged between one and five, include Birthday Books and Picture Books titles.

The easy writing style, with no mention of gender – not a ‘he said’ nor a ‘she said’ to be found anywhere – follow the adventures of One, Two, Three, Four and Five and their cloth dog, Ragamuffin.  So, when you are reading a One to five book together with a boy or girl (or both) – you decide whether the characters in the stories are girls or boys. The drawings are fun too and the books include a ‘web-link invitation’ for you to print black and white character drawings – to paint, crayon or to cut out – direct from your home printer.

One to five Picture Books – for children, parents and carers to share.

It should be said that Grange works together with Graphic Designer and Typographer,Rob Bosschieter on his One to five books. Grange writes and illustrates story lines while the type and page styling is Rob’s domain.

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  1. Sue Terry September 17, 2012 / 11:24 am

    Hi Grange
    I am Richard Briers’ voice agent.
    Richard rang me today to ask me to get in touch with you as you are trying to contact someone at Hit Entertainment.
    You can call me on my mobile 07957 312171 any time up to 10.30pm (UK time).
    I know you will be asleep right now so you can call me later.

    Best wishes

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