Roobarb with apples – yum!

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Roobarb on Apple ibooks

The new Apple iBook, ROOBARB An illuminated biogwoofy – Grange Calveley tells how ‘Real Dog Roobarb’ escaped from prison, how his antics inspired Grange Calveley to write and illustrate the stories and how he later met Bob Godfrey and started creating the now famous animated series.

Roobarb and Custard are British children’s television characters; their original animated TV series was shown on BBC. This year they celebrate 40 years on the telly and you can catch up with them on FIVE.

Created and written by Grange Calveley and directed by Bob Godfrey, each story is narrated by Richard Briers; the original series episodes are five minutes duration and thirty episodes were made – each introduced with Johnny Hawksworth’s now famous theme tune.

Roobarb a biogwoofy
Now available ROOBARB An illuminated biogwoofy – Grange Calveley packed with illustrations and stories, lots of ’behind the scenes’ snippets and photography, this newly edited book is a great read for Roobarb fans young and old.

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