How to make a three year olds birthday standout?

Every birthday needs something different to stand out! Three is three today is a wonderful little book that makes a three year olds birthday really special.

Since creating Roobarb, the BBC childrens television series, I have been writing lots of short childrens stories, amongst other things.  My birthday books for one to five year olds are a great present that makes a big deal out of every childs special day. Here’s a little snippet…

STONE FROG WEATHERS STORM AS TOFFEE CLOGS PHONE CHATTER! A puzzled stone frog is roped into a party game as a storm blows up at Three’s house. As the storm breaks, the stone frog stands firm while a toffee causes havoc during a telephone call.

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Best birthday present for two year olds in 2014

Search ends for two year olds birthday present!

Finding a reasonable gift for under fives is hard work these day. So I got thinking and developed a simple little series of one to five birthday books. Your child’s birthday, is the hero character of each book. Here’s a little sample:

SQUIRRELS CHUCK ACORNS AS JELLY DOES WOBBLE DANCE! A gang of acorn-throwing squirrels cause havoc at Two’s birthday party. Later, as Ragamuffin begins to ‘sing’, party guest run off quick smart.

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Lots of unique birthday goodies for one to five year olds

Looking for something different for a one to five year olds birthday? It’s getting harder and harder to find something fun and worthwhile for under 5 year olds.

Most gifts these days are rather expensive and not that unique. That got me thinking, so I created a range of characters from one to five and included a few chums like a patch work dog, some candles and a bunch of bloons.

Each character is featured in a birthday story and picture book. But why stop there, when you can have all sorts of fun with mugs, tshirts and other birthday goodies.

Shop right here for uniqueOne to five Birthday items: Buttons, Cards, Invitations, Mugs and Teeshirts beautifully illustrated and perfect for kids aged one to five.