Five fixes a bike.

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Dig into this Picture Book and you will discover why Ragamuffin and Five have very different ideas about their ‘find’. When One, Two, Three and Four turn up, the fun really begins – so, as always, please do come and join in.

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DOG DIGS IRON BONE! SURPRISE, SURPRISE! What starts as the best find since the Great Gold Rush ends with more wobbles than the Great Earthquake. The easy writing style, with no mention of gender – not a ‘he said’ nor a ‘she said’ to be found anywhere – follows the adventures of One, Two, Three, Four and Five and their cloth dog, Ragamuffin.  So, when you are reading a One to five book together with a boy or girl (or both) – you decide if the characters in the stories are girls or boys. The drawings are fun too and the books include a ‘web-link invitation’ for you to print black and white character drawings – to paint, crayon or to cut out – direct from your home printer.

One to five Picture Books – for children, parents and carers to share.

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